Thursday, August 18, 2011

Feeling Better

Good Morning!  Oh my, the cooler temps are helping so much.  Even though we remain in the high 80's the humidity level has decreased dramatically and once again we are all enjoying the farm.  Things seem to get done so much quicker when you aren't weighed down by the heat.  We've also had several storms which delivered 2-3 inches of rain each, so the grass and plants are perking up.

Yesterday I finally had a chance to make some more soap.  I'm working on some of the fall scents hoping to have 5 different kinds available by October 1st.  The smell of fall in the my kitchen just seems to lighten my mood.  To me, creating things, whether it be crochet, knit, soap, sewing, etc., is so relaxing and gives me such a sense of accomplishment.  I'm also hoping to get everything up on ebay, including some gift baskets.

It is so easy for me to get distracted by things.  I'm one of those people who finds learning anything new to be fascinating.  I'm always ready to say "That looks neat.  Let's try that!"  Unfortunately that usually requires me to drop something that I have already been developing and trying to get up and running.  I must have 100+ projects that are 70% done.  Recently I've been thinking about getting my Ham Radio Technician's License and have been studying a little whenever I had the chance.  Then a good friend informed me that they were giving the test this Saturday and immediately my mind says "I can study all week and be ready".  However, this would mean putting other projects on hold, some of them longstanding projects in the Making Money category.  Fortunately for me, Ray has a firm hold on what is important and can be accomplished in a day, unlike myself who thinks that I can always cram just a little more in.  His suggestion is to put that on hold and work on it during the less busy winter months.  He's so wise.

Well, the sun is up and the chores are waiting.  I'm also hoping to get some Sunflower soap made and maybe even some more cleaning and organizing done.

May Yahweh bless you in this new day!


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