Monday, April 2, 2012

Kidding Season Has Arrived

Good morning!  It seems that around here it is either drought or deluge.  After waiting so long for our kidding season to kick in we had five kids in 2 days this weekend.  It was a nice turnout in 3 does and 2 bucks.  Two of the births were so fast that we didn't even know the does were ready, but rather were met with dry kids in the pasture.  Those does are keepers.  Here are some pictures of our newest addtions.

This is the doeling off of our Lady.  Since most of our genetics are chamoisee, so are our kids.  Michaela usually doesn't name her kids right away so we'll just have to see what she comes up with.  Since she's been watching Sweet Home Alabama, you can expect names inspired by the show.

These two are from Ellie May, who is actually a cou blanc.  Their sire, however, throws very strong chamoisee kids.  Ellie May had a buck and a doe.  Don't ask me which is which.  I can't tell them apart and even Michaela has to double check.

This is the doeling off of Twisted Oak's Waikiki Beach (Kiki).  Her chamoisee is a little different (a brown overcoat on black).  It will be interesting to see what she ends up with.

Below is the buckling off of Kiki.  All of these kids, as well as our does, will be at the NCADGA Spring Show on Memorial Day Weekend.

Here are also pictures of the two Boer kids we've had this year.  I've been very disappointed in some of our does and will have to be making the difficult decision to cull some who have not taken in the last two breedings.  I don't like doing it, as our breeders are almost like family, but business is business.

This is Julius, a beautiful little buckling.  Since my herd gets named by Joshua and Samantha, I'm never sure what I'm going to get.

The far right is Connie, a very energetic doeling.  She also has wattles.  I've never seen a Boer with wattles before and have no idea where they could've come from.

We still have one more Alpine to kid in late April, so we'll keep you up-to-date.

For those of who have been trying to make the afghan with me, I'm sure you are farther along than I am.  First, I lost the pattern book.  Then the camera broke.  Then spring and kidding season hit.  I personally thought spring wouldn't come until it was supposed to, not in February.  But, I am now getting it back on track, so be looking for the next square on Wednesday.

May Yahweh bless you in this new day!



Kelly said...

Lovely kids Laurie! We had a lot of cham's this year. One was really dark though and beautiful! One to go, hoping for spots.

Sowing the Good Life said...

Just came across your blog. I'm looking forward to getting some goats in the near future.