Monday, January 17, 2011

Return of the Jersey

Good Morning!  The weekend here gave us really pleasant weather, although it didn't seem like I got much done.  Our Jersey cow is back from the farm we took her to for breeding, way back in September.  In the past we have taken her to a friend's place to be bred with an Angus.  The first year we had her we bred with a Black Angus and got a heifer that looked all Angus.  The second year we bred her to a Red Angus and got a bull that looked all Jersey.  Go figure.  This year we found some people who actually had Jersey bulls, so we took her up there in August to breed.  Unfortunately, it was so hot that nothing happened.  So we took her back in September intending to leave her for a month, just to make sure.  However, at the end of the month, the friends asked if they could keep her on a milk lease until January.  A milk lease is simply where they take care of the cow and keep the milk.  They had several cows that were due to calve and had to be dried up and they still needed the milk for the calves they had.  Since we have the goats as a backup milk supply, we were agreeable to the plan.  I have to be honest, there have been days this winter that I have been extremely thankful that there was no cow to milk.

But now she's back and I'm really glad to see her.  I was a little worried about how she might settle back in.  They have a large pasture with seven other cows and use a milking machine.  We only have her and the 20 goats, a smaller pasture, and just me milking.  The first milking was a little rough.  I was too slow and she started dancing around and eventually stepped on top of the milk pail, so that had to be thrown out.  The next milking I added just a little more food in her bucket and she has stood just as still and been just as pleasant as can be.  It's been really great.  She's only giving about 2 - 3 gallons a day, but that's more than enough for our family.  Since the goats will soon begin being dried off in preparation for kidding, the timing is really great.  I love fresh milk.  And fresh mozzarella cheese.  And fresh butter.  And fresh yogurt.  And fresh..............

May Yahweh bless you in this new day!


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Anonymous said...

Glad to see ya over here. I *semi* moved over here last January. Glad I did. Homesteadblogger has become a virtual ghost town.

A lot of the ladies are now blogging and *communicating* at It's like the *old* Homesteadblogger but much more livlier ;- )

Hope to see ya soon!

Matthew 6:33