Saturday, June 4, 2011

Heat, Dust, and Sweat

Good Morning!  It continues to be hot and dry here.  Watering takes up the majority of my day not already consumed with feeding livestock and cleaning pens.  A virus has also been working its way through the family with the lone holdouts being Kelsey, who isn't here long enough to catch anything, and myself.  Poor Ray lost 2 days of his vacation to the bug, Samantha missed the spring goat show, Joshua was out a week with it, while Tessa was laid up for 2 days.  Currently Ashley and Michaela are battling it.  Kudos to Michaela for still dragging herself out to take care of her goats with Joshua and Samantha's help.

The livestock is handling the heat fairly well.  The good thing about the heat and dry conditions is that it keeps the parasite level down. But any significant rain will certainly change that.  I've been raking the pens and pastures daily in order to keep ahead of that.

Ray completed the pasture expansion yesterday.  The expansion more than doubled the pasture area. Maggie just about grazed herself out.  She especially liked being out overnight.  We had planned on picking up the horse from where she is being boarded, but the family who is keeping her experienced a death, so that has been postponed.  Maybe late this week we'll be able to bring her home, finally.

Well, I've cooled off from the morning chores, gotten some breakfast, and now it's time to get back out and water.  I feel the same way sweating while I'm watering the plants as I did sweating in the lifeguard stand staring at a pool full of cool water.  It's just not right.

May Yahweh bless you in this new day!


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Angel said...

Awww... So sorry to hear everyone's sick! I pary that you all get to feeling better soon, and no one else catches it. Sounds like Maggie had a wonderful time. :D I know how excited Anna-belle get when we give her more room... ;)
Have a wonderfully blessed day!