Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Turkeys and Gardens

Good Afternoon!  The heat continues and, according to there is little chance of any rain headed our way anytime soon.  Our garden, while not lush and overflowing, is holding its own and producing, thanks almost entirely to the attentions of our daughter, Tessa.  We have harvested the onions and the garden peas.  The tomatoes are beginning to ripen, although they are much smaller than in previous years.  The sweet bell pepper plants, while looking good, are still very small.  In other words, the harvest this year is not going to  be very large.  It is so good to know that Yahweh has it all under control and will see that everything works out according to his plan.

The turkey poults arrived last Friday.  The Memorial Day holiday caused their trip to last 3 days instead of the usual two so they were extremely tired, hungry, and thirsty.  Four didn't survive and one died soon after arrival leaving 25 total.  These all seem healthy and happy.  We are raising Broad-Breasted Bronze, Giant White, Blue Slate, Bourbon Red, and Royal Palm.   Ever since a couple of years ago when we slaughtered our turkeys the weekend before Thanksgiving so we could have one fresh, we have been hooked on fresh turkeys.  This year I may leave some for right before Christmas, too.  They are awesome!

Something else we found out is that canned turkey makes a great quick meal starter.  Our turkeys didn't do well last year, for whatever reason.  They all turned out rather small and we, as a family, don't generally eat a lot of whole turkey.  So, in January, I thawed them out, cooked them up, and canned them.  They've been great for casseroles, salads, etc.  I will definitely be doing this again this year.

Well, it's back to the heat for me.

May Yahweh bless you in this new day!


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